Will you come and give a talk or visit?

I much prefer to hide away and so as wonderful as it is to be asked to do visits and talk to groups… it’s not something I want to do unless it’s tied in with work and promotions directly. It’s nothing personal it’s just how I’m happiest working. Thank you for understanding and respecting my need to hide wherever possible.

Where can I buy pieces?
When I do have any work for sale I will give all the details on my Instagram page, blog etc of where they will be for sale with names of stockists or gallery.

I don’t have pieces for sale unless I advertise them.

As my work is all different sizes the prices start from £550 for small work and go up from there.

Some of my dolls I make are tall , the hare ones are often a metre high…these start from £1,500 depending on how elaborate they are.

When I get chance to sell myself which isn’t very often my prices have to match and reflect those from the last gallery showing.

I’m afraid I don’t reserve any work.

Can I order or ask for custom or commissioned work?

I love the freedom to make whatever I like and it’s how I’m happiest working so I don’t take on any custom or commissioned work unfortunately.

I don’t make anything to order I’m afraid.

When my shop is empty it’s closed and the link will not show or take you anywhere.

Do you ship outside of the UK?
I do when I have items that I have to sell personally i ship worldwide…..shipping is included in the price and will tracked and signed for..this is usually by courier.

Dolls as most of them are large will get sent out in a very strong cardboard drum.
Other items that go to my stockists tend to be a lot larger than what I would sell or send out myself.
Some of my work gets quite large and is heavy.

How can I keep up to date with work that’s coming up?
I give regular updates on my face book ‘page’ and blog. Whenever I have new work available myself I will give dates and times and 24 hours notice for customers outside of the U.K

If its new work for a stockist again I give information of where they are going and the contact information.

Do you make everything yourself or do you have any help?
Everything is made by me-everything.
I do ALL of the sewing, printing of labels and tea making…the lot. I love to work alone and whilst it is hard sometimes and does limit how much work I can make I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a bit of help from Natasha who assists me with my admin and accounts but she makes rubbish tea.

What training do you have?
I have no formal training in anything to do with textiles or sewing I’ve learnt it all myself.

Here are some links to interviews.



Do you take on apprenticeships or interns?

Are you looking for a new stockist?

Do you do ‘trades’ or ‘swaps’?

Will you work with some fabric that I have myself?

Do you sell your patterns?

Will you lend your pieces ..or can I hire them?

Is your studio open to the public?

Is anything you make safe for a baby or child?

No, I’m afraid not.